White Birch Acres

   Registered Alpine, Oberhasli, and Recorded Grade Dairy Goats

Romney Sheep

We have a small flock of registered white and natural colored Romney sheep. They were used as Melissa's 4-H project and continue to be shorn each year for wool. Our flock has been awarded several wool quality achievements over the years for luster, length of staple, and crimp. Our raw fleece continues to be a favorite with hand spinners. We also participate in the CT Wool Blanket Project  contributing about 75 pounds of wool annually. We currently have several sizes of 100% wool blankets made from all locally grown CT sheep available for sale. Contact us for pricing and shipping information.

CT Wool Blankets For Sale

Small Buffalo Plaid


          2 Twin  (72"x 90")

Large Split Buffalo Plaid


          2 throw (45"x 60")


Small Split Buffalo Plaid


        1 throw (45"x 60")

        1 long throw (45"x 72")  

        1 king (106" x 90")

        4 scarves

 The Winterbrook


          2 Long Throw (45" x 72")

          2 Full (80" x 90")

          6 Scarves

2017 Fall Pattern Arriving Soon!


New Inventory will be arriving soon.