White Birch Acres

   Registered Alpine, Oberhasli, and Recorded Grade Dairy Goats

Senior Does

White Birch Acres Star Anise

DOB: 4/5/2014

Sire: Roeburn's KVSS Aristocrat *B

Dam: White Birch Acres Thyme

LA:  2-03 VEEV 87

Star is a 3/4 Alpine 1/4 Oberhasli Grade, she is large and powerful with a strong will to milk.  She excelled as a Junior doe with seven Grand Champion wins. As a Sr doe she has placed Grand and Reserve several times with unofficial numbers.

White Birch Acres Tansy

DOB: 5/20/2015

Sire: Blue Ridge Mohawk

Dam: White Birch Acres Cayenne Pepper

White Birch Acres Cinnamon

DOB: 4/4/2016

Sire: Oak Valley CT Farm Berkshire

Dam: White Birch Acres Cayenne Pepper

LA:  02-01 87 VVVV

Junior Does

White Birch Acres Paprika

DOB: 4/4/17

Sire: Seraiah Farms' RV Onzlo

Dam: White Birch Acres Tansy

                                                                                                                                                                      Paprika is our first generation return to American Oberhasli in our 9 year recorded grade project and we are very pleased with how she turned out.  She was 2017 Reserve All-American Junior Kid.  She placed 19th in the Dry Yearling class at the 2018 National show and earned her Junior leg with two Grand champion wins. 

White Birch Acres Henna

DOB: 3/24/18
Sire: Goating Around Jaxon
Dam: White Birch Acres Tansy


White Birch Acres Curry

DOB: 3/24/18
Sire: Goating Around Jaxon
Dam: White Birch Acres Cayenne Pepper

White Birch Acres Ginseng

DOB: 4/6/18
Sire: Goating Around Jaxon
Dam: White Birch Acres Cinnamon


Goating Around Jaxon

DOB: 4/4/17

Sire: Ober Boerd R Timebomb

Dam: CH Goating Around Sunflower

Registered Oberhasli available for Stud service $50


White Birch Acres Thyme

LA:  7-02  VEVV 87

DOB: 4/8/2008

Sire: Willow Run Rutger Georgio

Dam: White Birch Acres Cloves


"Ty" is an experimental 50% alpine 50% oberhasli.  She was the start of our 9 year long oberhasli herd project. Her dam, an American Oberhasli had difficulty breeding after several rough deliveries and finally was able to conceive with a local alpine buck. Thyme was the resulting doe and appropriately named for the "time" it will take to return to  our  oberhasli line.  Ty retired from the show ring with 2 Jr Champion wins and 1 official and 1 unofficial Sr Doe Championships.                                                                                                                                                       

White Birch Acres Olida

LA:  6-02 88 VEEV 

DOB: 5/2/2010

Sire: Iron Rod SLV Shenandoah

Dam: White Birch Acres Thyme

"Ollie" is a 75% alpine 25% oberhasli experimental we continued crossing from our original oberhasli genetics. We were pleased to see improvements in mammary shape, attachments, and teat diameter. The alpine genetics also helped improve our oberhasli substance of bone and more with throughout improving kidding ease. Ollie had 4 sets of quads and 3 sets of triplets in her lifetime. Ollie earned a Jr leg and a Sr leg as well as countless unofficial Recorded Grade wins. 

White Birch Acres Cayenne Pepper

LA: +VV+ 81

        VV+V 85

DOB: 3/20/2013

Sire: California Lord Kelvin

Dam: White Birch Acres Olida

"Annie" was a great surprise conforming to Oberhasli breed color so quickly with her dam having a large white belt, we thought it would take much longer to breed out. We were thrilled to have her begin our line of Oberhasli  type grades. We have three beautiful daughters from her and she was an excellent showmanship doe for one of our 4-Hers. She held her own against larger breed grades and has several grand and reserve unofficial show wins. Sadly we lost Annie following kidding complications in 2018.